• Substitute FYI for my class

    The substitute log in for my laptop is :  
                              USER NAME: wassub
                              PASSWORD: blsd2016

    ~are on my desk.

                FRESNO FLATS CDS ~FYI 

    ~Caitlin is a world of information in this class, so ask her anything!  She is here from 8-10:50 am.
    ~Behavior fines are up to your discretion, follow Caitlin’s lead or ask her for guidance.  
    ~Placing a student that is distracting others or having a hard time in the backroom is helpful.  Just make sure they sit at the table where you can see them.
    ~This is a chatty group, so remind them to save their conversations for break time!
    ~The times and agenda is flexible, do what suits you best, however these boys like a routine.  There are filler papers in folder.  
    ~As always, if a student is being defiant or disrespectful, send them home.  I do not believe you should have a bad day because a student is making poor choices.
    ~Leave me notes on how the day went please.  This helps with my behavior management portion of the class!